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Thank you so much for your super cool game, War Claw Games! I love it so much ( I even sing the note while playing~). Do you publish any documents about ideas or events of each card? I hope I can tell stories of each card but my imagination is not too good to do that :)). Thanks! 

I thank you for such kind words! Love to hear it! Sadly,there is no set of stories for the cards,but maybe once I could make some ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘


I look forward to that!


As a big fan of Forbidden Psalm, once I saw your game and also the others on War Claw Games I knew I had to have them too!

Glad you like my games, thank you very much! :) Btw, at the moment there is a crowd sale campaign going (with a big discount) for my newest game which is not listed here yet (as it is in a physical version so far):


What can I say... I'm a funeral doom lover. This game looks insane! Can't wait to print it and play!


Thank you, Javier, I am glad you like it! Btw, just later today, a new free mini-expansion is going to be released. But it is for advanced players, so I think it can wait anyway :) (On the other hand, I would recommend you to download and use the already existing mini-expansion called God's Mercy, which is on the other hand recommended for players beginning with the game - making it a little less hard :))

Tuck boxes for the game were made using by Tyson Manwarren


The art looks amazing. I feel the horror just by looking the card

Thank you!!! :) Btw, your comment is very actual, the game has just been refused from another PNP portal for being too intense. ;)