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One fine day, when churches on Earth were too many, representatives of them made a wise choice to prevent constant struggles finally: Each church chooses its champion and these blessed ones are put deep into a grim dungeon. The one who fights his way to the top is the one God has chosen. His church will rule the Earth and followers of all the lying sects will be voluntarily executed as stinky heretics.

What an idea! And here is the best part of it: You are one of these cham­pions! 

Art: José Eduardo "Jegs" González
Game design: Waclaw Traier
War Claw Games 2023 

This is a fast and simple dungeon crawler/boss-fight card game on just 12 business cards that fit in your wallet and can be printed on just one sheet (A4 or U.S. LETTER). Very printer-friendly layout: only black lines on white background. 

The replay value is not high and is based on the fact of needing repeated plays to beat the high level of difficulty. Box not included, as the whole game fits in a wallet perfectly, making a super-compact travel game, needing just a one-sheet-size of space on a table (no dice needed either, just 3 coins or other small tokens).

A black background is recommended for the full visual experience. And you can burn incense or two while playing, listening to Valaam choirs.


The humor of this game satirizes
church practices and their history.
It is also very dark and cruel.
Think twice if it is for you.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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READ ME FIRST.pdf 108 kB
DUPLEX print layout - front side.jpg
DUPLEX print layout - back side.jpg 4 MB
GUTTERFOLD print layout - sheet 1.jpg 2 MB
GUTTERFOLD print layout - sheet 2.jpg 3 MB
GUTTERFOLD print layout - sheet 3.jpg 2 MB

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A really cool game with such a great ambience and even some gloomy lore! 

I had so much fun crafting the cards and playing it! The facts that you provided a How To Play Booklet is so great to easily understand everything. 

I've play it while listening to Valaam Choirs then I switch to Phurpa  (a full vocal drone religious band). 

I lost against Lizard Man and his mourning ;) 

With such a game, I think it'll be "easy" for you and/or the community to creates add-on with more creatures and more pages to the Dungeon Events. 

Thanks for this well crafted game! 🔥 


Thank you very much for such a nice review! I really love to hear you like the game even though it is so small. :) Indeed, it would be relatively easy to add content with these mechanics. Maybe will do that someday, though it originated just from the idea of a tiny thing that fits in a wallet bringing a bit of fun and lore around the crazy images of JEGS, my favorite artist. :)


The fact that the game is small and fit in a wallet is also awesome ;) Love the art, I've just checked JEGS' Instagram account, instant followed him !