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Droned Dwarves is a rules-lite card game combining a classic memory game (known also as pairs or PEXESO) with a bit of dungeon crawling elements and stupid adult humor

For crafting the game, you will (preferably) need a few sheets of dark cardboard to glue the cards on it.

The sheets are accustomed to easy printing in both A4 or LETTER format. Just do not let your printer rescale the original size of the PDFs.

The pack includes SOUNDTRACK by Tortvred Realm!

1–4 players | Age: 18+ | One game: 20–30 min.

Oh man, that was a party!!! This one will be legendary even among dwarves! And that young wife of your cousin Gringhli, what a cute beard she has! Lucky man. But now it is time to return home...

“Will you guys find your way back?” says Gringhli. “Wicked creatures lurk in the shadows beyond the main corridors... And you look still totally smashed. Drunk and stoned at the same time, ‘droned’ as we call it, hehe.”

“Never mind, my dude. I remember the way as clearly as my own name, which is, er... ehm... errrr... Well, farewell! And best wishes to your marriage again!”

Of course, you, a mighty dwarf warrior, would never admit you could not do something, but to be honest – you cannot remember the way back to the light as sure as you can’t remember how many beers and pipes you’ve had, not to mention kegs of mead. So, the epic memory game begins!

Which tunnel is familiar to you? Which stone wall or staircase do you remember? – Look for pairs of cards and try to avoid dangerous encounters.

For fresh hints & tips, alternative and advanced rules, keep checking the game's site: https://www.warclawgames.com/Droned-Dwarves.html

NOTE: The pictures here are from the physical (not print-and-play) version of the game. Your printed game will look more or less similar depending on your crafting abilities, but you may print a printer-friendly version as well (much more white color on the cards and folios), as you see below:


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

War Claw Games. Tortvred Realm - Droned Dwarves.zip 45 MB
Droned Dwarves PNP printer friendly sheets.pdf 27 MB
Droned Dwarves PNP sheets black.pdf 27 MB
Droned Dwarves PNP tuck box black.pdf 1 MB
read me.pdf 113 kB

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would it be possible to get the file with the back of the cards?  I dont want to leave those blanck, when you have such great artwork

Thank you for your kind words, I am gald you like it. :) So, I tried to make something, but as the front side layouts are made for print without scaling, they are not centered in page, so printing it as both-sides would not work with these backs (they would not fit in the same spot as fronts), I think you will need to print it separately and glue together. I will try to upload it here in the appendix. If it does not work, please write me to droned.artworks@gmail.com and I will send it to your email.

Is it possible to get the full ink version?? I prefer the cards with black backgrounds

Deleted 2 years ago
(2 edits) (+1)

full ink version added ;) thanks for the tip and for your interest!

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great thanks, Im big fan of your work!

Love to hear it, cheers!