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This is an unabridged print-and-play version of the critically acclaimed DOOM PILGRIM solo card game released on the Game Crafter in 2022. (Accoladed as "Best small game of the year" by the Dungen Dive channel.)

Expensive shipping & customs make the physical version harder to get in the non-US world, so now here you get THE VERY SAME VERSION as the physical game, including the box, EASILY FROM ANYWHERE!

To print the whole game you need only:

  • 25 sheets of quality A4 paper
  • or 32 sheets of US Letter paper

It is just 90 big cards (plus the box if you like), so no special crafting skills are needed. A bit of patience and healthy print cartridges suffice.

Duplex (both-sided) layout only. Simple as a mace to the head of a careless wanderer!


Check out the video review on the Dungeon Dive channel: 

Or on the Bower's Game Corner:

And this in-depth written review will definitely tell you if this game is for you.

To get into the DOOM PILGRIM mood, you can also listen to the official soundtrack on the site of its authors Ange.Mac + Shaun Garea.

Or download it with add-ons from the War Claw Games Bandcamp.

For more useful links, follow the DOOM PILGRIM official home site. 

DOOM PILGRIM and its expansions mock-up

All expansions to the game will be released in PNP form here too, to ensure that the owners of the PNP version are in no way disadvantaged compared to the physical version owners!

The finished build of the game, once you print and cut the sheets according to the instructions on the layouts, consists of 90 both-sided jumbo-sized cards (twice the size of the classic MTG card) and a tuck box with the rules written on it (the rules can be also downloaded separately here or watch the how to play video). Then you will need only a pen and paper to track your gains and losses during the gameplay (or you can print the character sheet). No dice or any other components are needed.

The download includes layout variants for both A4 and US Letter concerning the cards and box, though there is also A3/Tabloid variant for the box for eventual smoother box crafting without gluing. In case you do not want to craft the box, there is also a sticker that you can stick on your own box or a title card that serves as the top card of the pack without any box or in a transparent box (with the flip of this card being a PNP-version-exclusive character sheet). You can print also a classic character sheet in both blank and picture variants compatible with all formats.

© War Claw Games 2023
Huge thanks belong to my friend Javier Altman
for preparing the most professional PNP layouts 


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $8 USD. You will get access to the following files:

read me first.rtf 58 kB
Cover sticker A5.jpg 3 MB
Cover sticker Square 14,85 cm.jpg 2 MB
Cover sticker US Half Letter.jpg 3 MB
Doom Pilgrim - Universal - Tuckbox.pdf 15 MB
Doom Pilgrim - A3 - Tuckbox.pdf 16 MB
Doom Pilgrim - Tabloid - Tuckbox.pdf 1 MB
Doom Pilgrim - A4 - Duplex - 4p.pdf 267 MB
Doom Pilgrim - A4 - Duplex - 3p.pdf 255 MB
Doom Pilgrim - US Letter - Duplex.pdf 259 MB
Doom Pilgrim - A4 - Rules and Character Sheet Cards.pdf 5 MB
Doom Pilgrim - US Letter - Rules and Character Sheet Cards.pdf 5 MB